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5 Helpful Tips for Preventing Tooth Decay and Keeping a Bright Smile – Pompano Beach, FL

iStock_000009348534XSmallYour teeth are very susceptible to decay if you do not take proper care of them and practice good oral hygiene regularly. The following are some tips Dr. Joseph Camuccio recommends to help you prevent tooth decay:

1. Talk to Dr. Joseph Camuccio to make sure your mouth, teeth, and gums are healthy before beginning a whitening program.

2. Preferably, Dr. Joseph Camuccio recommends you to choose a supervised whitening option for your safety and maximum results.

3. Stick with your maintenance schedule to keep your smile bright, remember, no whitening is permanent and regular professional cleaning is essential to remove stains and the tartar that can cause gum disease.

4. Keep sweet foods, desserts, and drinks to a minimum and brush thoroughly after eating. The consumption of those products over extended time periods heightens the risk of decay.

5. Acidic food and drinks can be just as harmful to your teeth as sugar. The acid erodes tooth enamel and can make your teeth sensitive, more vulnerable to cavities, and lose its luster.

Remember, you can maintain your teeth for a long time if you properly take care of them. Dr. Joseph Camuccio recommends regular cleanings to keep your teeth glistening and healthy. To schedule an appointment call Dr. Joseph Camuccio at (954) 781-6170 or visit our website.

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